1. General

The warranty shall always commence upon the date of purchasing the MEDION device from MEDION or an official MEDION trading partner and shall relate to material and manufacturing defects of any kind which may arise during normal use. The warranty period can be found on the warranty card enclosed with the device in conjunction with proof of purchase from the authorised MEDION trading partner.

Please keep the original proof of purchase and warranty card in a safe place. MEDION and its authorised service partners hereby reserve the right to refuse a warranty repair or warranty confirmation if this proof of purchase can not be provided.

In the event of needing to send in your device, please ensure that it is packaged securely for transportation. Unless otherwise noted on your warranty card, you shall bear the shipping costs and the risk of transportation. MEDION shall not accept any liability for additional items sent in that were not originally included with the MEDION device when supplied.

Please include as detailed a description of the fault as possible with the device. To make your claims and before sending your device in, please contact the MEDION hotline. You will be given a reference number (RMA No.) there which you are kindly asked to affix to the outside of the package in an easily visible manner.

This warranty shall not affect your statutory rights and shall be subject to the law applicable in the country where the device was first purchased by the end customer from the MEDION authorised dealer.

2. Coverage

In the event of a defect in your MEDION device that is covered by this warranty, MEDION hereby warrants with this guarantee to repair or replace the MEDION device. The decision to repair or replace devices shall be made by MEDION. In this respect, MEDION may, at its own discretion, decide to replace the device sent in for repair under warranty with a reconditioned device of equivalent quality.

No warranty is given for batteries or rechargeable batteries or for consumables, i.e. parts that require replacing at regular intervals when the device is used, e.g. projection lamps in projectors.

A pixel fault (permanent coloured, light or dark pixel) shall not necessarily be deemed a defect. The precise number of faulty pixels permitted can be found in the description contained in the manual for this product.

MEDION shall not provide any warranty for burnt-in images on plasma or LCD devices caused by improper use of the device. For precise details on how to operate your plasma or LCD device, please see the description in the manual for this product.

The warranty shall not cover playback errors on data media that have been created in an incompatible format or using unsuitable software.

If it becomes apparent during the repair that the fault involved is one that is not covered by the warranty, MEDION hereby reserves the right to invoice the customer for any costs incurred in the form of a handling fee and for materials and labour for the chargeable repair in accordance with a cost estimate.

3. Exclusion

MEDION shall not provide any warranty for damage or failure caused by external influences, accidental damage, improper use, modifications, renovations or expansions made to the MEDION device, the use of third-party parts, negligence, viruses or software errors, improper transportation, improper packaging or loss upon returning the device to MEDION.

The warranty shall expire if the device fault is caused by maintenance or repairs carried out by someone other than MEDION or a service partner authorised by MEDION for the device in question. The warranty shall also expire if the device labels or serial numbers, or those on a component of the device, have been modified or rendered illegible.

4. Service Hotline

Prior to sending the device in to MEDION, you must contact us via the Service Hotline or the MEDION Service Portal. Upon doing so you will be given further information about how to make your warranty claim.

There is a fee for use of the hotline.

Under no circumstances shall the Service Hotline be a substitute for user software and hardware training, consulting the user manual or constitute support for third-party products.

MEDION also offers a chargeable hotline service for enquiries beyond the scope of this warranty.

II. Specific Warranty Terms and Conditions for MEDION PCs, Notebooks, Pocket PCs (PDAs) and Devices with Navigation Functions (PNAs)

In the event of one of the optional extras (e.g. memory cards, modems etc.) supplied with the device having a defect, you shall also be entitled to a repair or replacement. The warranty shall cover the cost of parts and labour to restore the functionality of the MEDION device in question.

The warranty shall cover the cost of parts and labour to restore the functionality of the MEDION device in question.

Hardware for your device not manufactured or distributed by MEDION may render the warranty invalid in the event of damage being caused to the MEDION device or optional extras supplied with it by such hardware.

A limited warranty shall be provided for software supplied with the device. This shall apply to any pre-installed operating system but also to any programs supplied with the device. For software supplied with the device by MEDION, MEDION hereby warrants that any data media, e.g. discs and CD-ROMs on which the software is supplied, shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days following the purchase of the MEDION device from MEDION or from one of MEDION’s official trading partners. In the event of defective data media being supplied, MEDION shall replace the defective data media free of charge. Any further claims are hereby excluded. With the exception of the warranty for data media, any software shall be supplied without any warranty against defects. MEDION does not warrant that this software shall function without interruption or errors or that it will meet your requirements. In the case of maps supplied with devices offering navigation functionality, no warranty shall be provided for the completeness thereof.

When repairing the MEDION device, it may be necessary to delete all data from the device. Before shipping the device, ensure you have a backup copy of all the data stored on the device. It is hereby expressly stated that in the event of a repair, factory settings will be restored. MEDION shall not accept any liability for software configuration costs, data or software loss or other consequential damages.

III. Specific Warranty Terms and Conditions for On-Site Repair or Replacement

If the warranty card enclosed with the device states entitlement to on-site repair or replacement, the specific warranty terms and conditions for on-site repair or replacement shall apply to your MEDION device.

In order for the on-site repair or replacement to be carried out, you must ensure the following:

· MEDION employees must be granted unlimited, secure and immediate access to the devices.

· Telecommunications equipment, required by MEDION employees in order to perform their task properly, for testing and diagnostic purposes and for troubleshooting, must be provided by yourself and at your own expense.

· You shall be personally responsible for restoring any proprietary user-software after completion of the services by MEDION.

· You must take all other measures necessary to ensure that MEDION is able to perform its task properly.

· You shall be personally responsible for configuring and connecting any existing external devices after completion of the service by MEDION.

· The free-of-charge cancellation period for on-site repairs or replacements shall be at least 48 hours. Thereafter, any costs incurred by us as a result of late cancellation or failure to cancel shall be billed.

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