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MEDION Profile

The MEDION Group

For over 25 years, the nationally and internationally proven MEDION business model has been focused on offering both consumers and retail partners functionally high-quality and innovative consumer electronics products which combine attractive design, excellent quality and excellent value for money and thus making them available to a broad consumer group.

To complement its standard European promotions consumer for electronics products, MEDION is developing and marketing additional services, in particular in the fields of telecommunications/MEDIONmobile, MEDION Photo Service, software downloads and online services.

MEDION not only assumes the role of product supplier for its customers, the large international trading retail chains, but takes this one stage further and also acts as a full service provider that manages and controls the complete value chain for its customers: from developing the product idea to production and logistics and even after-sales service. Working closely together with customers, MEDION generally plans and executes high-volume sales activities that often take place in several countries at the same time or even on several continents.

In the process, MEDION utilises its full-service skills to reduce the workload for its retail customers, allowing them to fully concentrate on selling the products. MEDION does not carry out all the steps in the value chain using its own capacities, but rather buys in services from high-performing international partners during the various project phases of the global procurement process. After developing the product idea and design together with the customer, MEDION buys in the required components and products from well-known, globally active manufacturers, simultaneously integrating their technological expertise and production competence into the procurement process.

MEDION structures, manages and controls the logistics process, which is then provided by high-performing freight forwarders. A key success factor for both MEDION and its customers is the comprehensive and highly competent MEDION after-sales service. It is available 365 days a year and ensures that end customers receive the support they need when setting up and operating products, and also organises prompt repairs or exchanges if required. By involving only the most professional partners, especially in the high-investment areas of the value chain, MEDION maximises its flexibility - both in terms of the product range to be offered and the cost structures - thus enabling it to offer customers cutting-edge product ranges at extremely good value for money.

The MEDION product range covers the entire range of modern consumer electronics. Regardless of whether it is a PC, notebook, LCD or plasma TV, DVD recorder, MP3 player, satellite navigation system or a separate mobile phone tariff: MEDION provides its retail partners with the most comprehensive range of modern consumer electronics at the best value for money - and all from a single source. Not only this: MEDION also offers a wide range of complementary services including telecommunications/MEDIONmobile, downloads and online services such as the MEDION Photo Service.

MEDION’s core competences extend beyond innovative and design-oriented multimedia products and the development of new offerings for consumers to include an extremely efficient in-house IT structure, top logistics competence and a specialised after-sales service.