Windows 10 Advantage

Smart, flexible and powerful: the advantages of Windows 10

The advantages of Windows 10

From the user interface, with the Start Menu known from Windows 7 making a comeback, with in-great functionalityies and great scalability – Windows 10 is intuitive, individual and highly customisable.Microsoft calls Windows 10 ‚the biggest upgrade of all times’. Windows 10 aims to completely redefine the user experience:


The launch of Windows 10 on the 29th of July 2015 has been eagerly anticipated, - the features of Windows 10 open up a new and broader perspective for the users.

Windows 10

Start Menu

The popular Start Menu of Windows 7 has made a return and enhances the desktop with useful features that is simply a click away.

Startmenü in Windows 10

The universal OS for all devices: independent and flexible with Windows 10

Windows 10 works across all platforms and sets new standards when using multiple Windows devices. Windows 10 aims to unify the experience when using laptops, desktop computers, tablet-PCs and smartphones.

This is achieved through scaling of all elements according to screen size as well as through the way the devices are operated. The main feature is called ‘Continuum’: If you routinely switch between devices, you can use Continuum to customise them according to your needs, achieving the perfect combination of flexibility and familiarity.

Windows 10

Cortana, your personal assistant for all your digital needs

Cortana is the newly developed intelligent personal assistant of Windows 10. She autonomously searches Bing, the Cloud and the hard drive, reminds you of important dates and carries out other important tasks in her function as a digital assistant. Cortana also values your personal relationship:

The more you rely on her, the more she learns about you and the better she adapts to your individual preferences, interests and habits. This means that Cortana is an important part of any user’s profile and makes the operation of Windows 10 more convenient than it was with any operating system before.


Microsoft Edge – the future of browsing the web

Microsoft enters a new era, replacing the Internet Explorer with a new a web browser: Meet Microsoft Edge. Using Edge is just as simple as you are used to from the Internet Explorer, but comes with a new look and feel as well as great new features. Create individual notes and comments for websites, share online content with others on the push of a button, save websites and read them offline.

You can also view them using the new reading mode: It presents the websites like a book, and just like with all features, the scaling to each device is performed automatically and with extreme precision.

Microsoft Edge – the future of browsing the web

Windows 10: the best of Windows 7 and 8

With all its features, Windows 10 is more than just the next evolution in Windows. It combines the strengths of all previous versions – from the quick booting of Windows 8 to the popular user interface of Windows 7. This makes it the definitive version of Windows that users have always wanted. According to Microsoft, many features were created in close cooperation with the community.

Windows 10: the best of Windows 7 and 8
Windows 10 Features

The five most important new features of Windows 10 at a glance

Cortana:The digital assistant adjusts to the user and can be operated via voice commands. The more you speak to her, the better she gets to know you.

Multi Doing: Multitasking has never been easier. Favourite apps can be combined on one screen, creating an individual desktop and always showing the user everything that is important.

Microsoft Edge: Browse the web faster, with a more personalised and more secure experience than ever before – even when offline.! Experience the Internet in a completely new way with Microsoft Edge.

Start Menu: The popular Start Menu of Windows 7 returns and enhances the desktop with a useful feature that is simply a click away.

Virtuelle desktops: With Windows 10, it is easy to create different workspaces on a single PC, ensuring a clean structure of the desktop elements.

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