Laptop Vs Tablet - A Buyers Guide

Thinking of buying a portable computer you can use on the go but unsure whether a tablet or laptop would be better for you?

We've written this guide to help you decide which is better for you depending on your personal requirements and interests.


What Do You Want To Use The Device For?

First thing to consider is what you intend to use your chosen device for:

1) Simply to pass the time, for example, on a long commute home or after a busy day at college, a tablet could be the ideal companion. You can watch movies, play a few games, browse the web, read eBooks or check your emails.


2) For business use - many modern tablets can be just as powerful and as effective as a laptop, however, you're likely to pay a premium for a cutting-edge tablet like the Apple iPad or the Microsoft Surface Pro. In this case usually a laptop is ideal as it will allow you to work even when away from the office with all the power of a regular desktop PC.


Do You Travel A Lot?

If you do a lot of travelling - whether for work or for leisure, then it's important to think about the following:

1) A tablet tends to be a lot smaller and lighter than a laptop and therefore won't take up as much space and weigh you down unnecessarily. You can pick up a tablet and take it practically anywhere - just put it in a rucksack or handbag and voila! It's that straight-forward.


2) But a laptop will allow you to work on the go - so you can keep working on that all important presentation or report whilst on the way to your next meeting. Whilst it will prove a bit heavier than a tablet many modern laptops are not only getting lighter but a lot thinner and more portable.


Touchscreen Or Physical Keyboard

The question of the touchscreen keyboard or the physical keyboard is almost irrelevant with the lines being blurred between laptops and tablets, however, for arguments sake let's take a look at the pros and cons of both:

1) Touchscreen - this is perfect for anyone on the move, sat on the couch or if you simply want the convenience of a smaller device like a tablet or smartphone.


2) Physical keyboard - a physical keyboard is a lot more tactile and easier to use with a laptop or PC, however, there may be an instance where you want a physical keyboard to use with your tablet. A lightweight bluetooth keyboard or simply a smaller keyboard that can connect directly to your tablet via a USB port could be ideal for those on long commutes who don't want the inconvenience and weight of a laptop but still require a similar functionality.


To summarise


It really comes down to your personal preference - both tablets and laptops have their pros and cons but essentially the decision is yours to make.


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