Tablet Buying Guide

Tablet Buyers Guide

What is a tablet?

Tablets are similar to a smartphone. They are light, slim and portable internet enabled devices with a touchscreen and downloadable apps. A few reasons why tablets have become such a big success are that they are easy to use, start up instantly, are ultra-portable and feature an ever expanding system of apps. Tablets are capable of using office applications such as Excel and Word, but are mainly be used for entertainment on the go.

What can a tablet do?

  • • Browsing the web
  • • Gaming
  • • Watching videos or TV catch ups
  • • Sending or receiving emails
  • • Making video calls
  • • Reading books

Have a look at our guide which will help you to make your choice as simple as possible.


What Tablet Operating System are there? 


There are a few choices such as Google Android, Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS to choose from. All of them have an extensive choice of quality apps to choose from and strengths and weaknesses.
Google Android gives you a high proportion of free apps whereas Microsoft offers you Windows 10 which would appeal more to business users. Apple is the brand and well known by Apple fans, the iOS user interface is very intuitive allowing for easy operation.

What size of tablet should I buy? 


You have a choice between 7-8 inch and 10.1 inch tablets.



10 Inch Tablets

The 10.1 inch is great for around the house and ideal for watching movies, reading and playing games.



7 - 8 Inch Tablets

The smaller tablets can fit into your handbag and are brilliant companions for on the go.



Which processor for a tablet?


The processor and RAM will determine the speed of your tablet and its ability to multitask. A dual core processor is better battery wise while a quad core processor performs better. In general the higher the speed of your processor and the more RAM the better it will perform.

What are the most common Android screen resolutions?


The resolution depends on what you use the tablet for. The most common resolutions are 1024x600, 1280x800, 1920x1080, 2048x1536, 2560x1440, 2560x1600. We recommend 1920x1080 for video encoding. Resolutions of around 1024 x 1536 pixel are fine for browsing the web or watching a movie. Higher resolutions make the text more readable as images appear sharper and would be recommended if you use the tablet for reading eBooks. The higher the resolution the better the picture quality overall. 


How much storage (GB) does a tablet need?


For simply surfing the Web 8 GB should be more than enough memory. If your intention is to download and store large files, videos, music or games, then you should opt for a larger memory size. Many tablets come with the option to expand the storage by using memory cards now.



In general most tablets have rear facing camera for taking pictures or videos and also a front facing camera which allows you to make video calls.


Wireless connection or 3G?


If you use your tablet mainly at home and you have broadband or and a wireless connection then 3G is not important. Most bars and cafes have free internet nowadays or have hotspots such as The Cloud or BT Wifi that give your access to the internet. 3G is only really important if you want to use your tablet in places where WiFi is not available.

Battery life


How long your battery last depends on what you use it for. Watching videos or playing games or having more than one app open at the same time will drain your battery a lot quicker on any tablet.


What tablet accessories are available?

Protecting your tablet

There is a wide range of tablet accessories available. To protect your tablet from dirt and scratches, there are cases and covers in different colours, styles and sizes as well as screen protectors and screen cleaning kits available. A stylus pen helps you keep your screen fingerprint free and is also great for accurate typing or drawing.



For better sound there are a variety of speakers available to help you amplify and enhance your sound experience. Speaker docks not only allow you to charge your tablet but also share you music and movies with others. If you would like to experience great sound on the move then headphones would be ideal.



Tablets have a built in on screen keyboard, but sometimes you may just find it easier to use a more traditional keyboard for typing. There are keyboards available which attach either via Bluetooth or that are able to be connected via a dock.


Do you need more tablet memory?

A memory card expands your existing memory and enables you to store and transfer data.



In-car chargers or solar chargers are available so you never run of charge again when on the move.


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