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Our Student Laptop Buying Guide is designed to give you all the advice and information you need to choose the right device for you. MEDION has something for every budget whether you are using it for Word, Internet, Skype or Gaming.

Choosing the right PC or Laptop

PCs and Laptops vary in price according to power and functionality. As a student there are a few things to consider when buying a laptop or PC, including:

  • Your budget
  • What you will use the device for
  • Whether the device for everyday use, gaming or specialised applications/programs

Processor (CPU)

A processor also called CPU determines the processing speed of your computer. It is the brain of your machine and will determine its ability to run applications

Celeron – Good value applications

Single processor – budget laptop for your basics.

Core i3- Everyday tasks

Everyday tasks such as web browsing, word processing and watching videos.

Core i7- Gaming

Excellent for high end gaming and intensive video editing. Delivers top performance for even your most demanding applications

Pentium – Performance and Value

Reliable processor for everyday computing

Core i5 – Multitasker

Ability to multitask efficiently, faster web browsing, manages applications with ease.

Graphics Card (GPU)

A graphics card runs all of the graphical elements which are displayed on your screen. An on-board graphics card such as Intel® HD will run most day to day applications such as internet browsers and word processing applications.

If you want to run more intense applications you would require a dedicated graphics card such as the NVIDIA GeForce® series or the AMD Radeon Series. A dedicated graphics card is very important if you wish to run image or video editing software in addition to the latest games. The higher the dedicated graphics card model number the better it is.

We'd recommend getting a dedicated graphics card for courses such as Graphic Design, Web Design/Development, Video production, Game development.

The Hard Drive (HDD)

The amount of hard drive space you require depends on how content heavy your school or University course is, in addition to what you will use your laptop for at home (e.g. watching videos or gaming). If your course content will be mainly using and saving Office applications such as Word documents, then a smaller hard drive will be plenty (e.g. 500 GB).

If your course is likely to include using and saving a lot of images, videos or audio which will need to be saved then 1 TB to 2 TB hard drive space would be advisable

500 GB
Light storage for word documents and a small number of applications and video

1 TB
Medium storage for word documents, videos, images and audio and applications.

2 TB+
Heavy storage for lots of word documents, videos, images, audio and applications.

The Hard Drive (HDD)

There is a direct correlation between a laptops screen size and it's weight. The smaller the screen size the lighter your laptop will be.

15.6" Screen
For most students a 15.6" screen size is ideal and allows for both functionality and portability. 15.6" Laptops are ideal for normal usage, e.g. Office applications and web browsing. A decent screen size is essential if you're using your laptop regularly in order to reduce eye strain.

17.3" Screen
17.3" Laptops are ideal for students who are doing courses in graphic design, game development or video production where you need a large working area on screen. They are the heaviest laptops though, so are harder to carry around.

10-14" Screen
Ultra-portable laptops come sized between 10-14" and are very portable, however if you're using it constantly without a monitor it may put strain on your eyes.

The Memory (RAM)

The amount of RAM you require is based on the usage of your Laptop or PC. 4 GB RAM will be sufficient for most school or university courses. If your course is in Digital Art, Video Production, Game Development or Web Design we'd suggest a minimum of 8 GB RAM.

Basic Office tasks in addition to internet browsing

6 - 8 GB RAM
Multi-tasking, video streaming etc

Gaming, Image or video editing

Delivery & Warranty

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2 Years Warranty on most Products! 

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