Laptop Bag - A Buyers Guide

One of the most important accessories for your laptop is a laptop bag. If you are a frequent traveler, a student or traveling between home and office, your laptop is an investment which needs protecting. Your laptop bag can also be a fashion statement and help you transport all your gear and papers around.

There are many laptops bags on the market to cater for busy users and therefore it’s helpful to know exactly what is important before making that important purchase. Choosing a laptop is based on your personal choice, preference and needs, but so is choosing the bag that will carry your laptop. Use this short buyer’s guide to help you select the best laptop for your needs.


What is important when choosing a laptop bag?

Durability, comfort, protection, good organization and easy access are key points when choosing a laptop bag. Look out for tough fabric, double stitched seams, good padding and reinforcement in areas that get more abused. Well-made bags have comfortable straps, padded sides and a shape that rests comfortably against the body. Pockets and compartments should be well placed and easy to open; little extras like pen pockets, a key ring clip and a pocket for the laptop cord can also make a big difference in usability. Make sure you buy the right size of laptop bag for your laptop.


What types of laptop bags and cases are there?

Laptop sleeve

What is a Laptop Sleeves ?

Laptop sleeves are a snug fit for your laptop and are very useful if you want to carry your laptop in another bag that lacks padding. When choosing a laptop sleeve look for good padding with self healing zipper.


What is a Backpack ? 

Backpack laptop bags are very popular, particular amongst students. Backpacks are a casual, comfortable way to carry your laptop as well as your other mobile gear. The shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly and keep your hands free. Look for padded, adjustable straps, and a padded section or removable sleeve for your laptop. A rain rover is a welcome added extra.

Laptop backpack
Laptop roller

What is a Rolling Laptop Bags?

Rolling laptop Bags are constructed like many common suitcases with fully attached wheels so they can be rolled, as opposed to carried. They take the weight off your shoulders and are great for taking your stuff across long distances. Rolling laptop bags also generally provide more room for additional items than some other handheld or messenger-style bags which is great when travelling by Air


What is a Messenger-Style Laptop Bags ?

Today, the most popular type of briefcase is soft sided and usually has what is known as a messenger strap, allowing the user to carry it over his or her shoulder or across the body. These bags are great for active people (e.g., bike riders) because they're designed for durability and the best ones have straps to secure the bag around your waist. Look for vinyl lining, a padded strap, and any necessary compartments for your small items.

Laptop messenger

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