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Laptops with Intel Core i7 processor are undoubtedly the most powerful ones. The i7 laptops are highly recommended for gamers, video editors, animators and game developers.These powerful notebooks can replace your home PC, and are portable. We have a wide range avaialeb with SSD and NVIDIA graphics card as well as without.

What size hard drive do I need?

The size of a Hard drive measures in gigabites short GB. The hard drive is where the laptop stores all your files, folders, pictures and videos.A standard laptop will have about 500 to 1000GB of Hard Drive. If you need more storage you can always get an external hard drive to keep your files and holiday photos as well as a back up for your laptop safe.


Do I need a CD or DVD drive?

Most standard-size laptops have an integral DVD drive that can play both CDs and DVDs, but the smaller notebooks might not and netbooks never do. If you want to be able to copy files on to DVDs, a DVD-RW drive will be essential.


How much memory should it have?

Memory also RAM is also measured in gigabites.It really depends on what you want to do with your computer as to how much Ram is needed. If you want to play games we reccomend at least 8GB.

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