High Performance PC Buyers Guide

If you want a computer with plenty of power for gaming, high definition video streaming or serious design or engineering work then high performance desktop PC is the way to go.

But what should you look for when buying a high-performance PC? We’ve put together this guide to help you to clear through the jargon and understand what you need:

Processing Power

If you’re a serious gamer, engineer or designer then you will rely on your PC to do some pretty resource-intensive work. Ideally you need to look at computers that have either an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor. These quad-core processors will allow effortless gameplay, multi-tasking and will deliver speed when you need it most.


Memory falls under similar rules to computer processors – the more RAM you have – the faster your desktop PC will perform.

If you need your PC to effortlessly multi-task, run games effortlessly or deal with intensive design or development work then you should look at a computer with a minimum of 8GB – 16GB RAM.


Hard Drives

Hard Drive storage is largely dependent on what you need it for – if you need your hard drive to store the latest games, big design files, large applications, etc then ideally you should be looking at hard drive capacity of at least 1TB or more.

Solid State Drives

Solid state drives are perfect for storing and running the Windows operating system as they boot and run applications far quicker than a standard hard drive, however, storage is limited. They tend to range between 128GB – 512GB SSD (sometimes more – as technology advances – so does SSD capacity!).

They’re great for running Windows, games and applications from – super-fast and deals with load-times effortlessly.


Integrated graphics cards are fine for most PCs that don’t need to run intensive graphics, photo editing and design applications, however, for a serious gamer, graphics designer or engineer then a dedicated graphics card will be the ideal choice – such as an NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards as these tend to be the best in the market.

To Summarise…

The choice is yours – by considering what you want to use your PC for should help determine the kind of high performance desktop PC set-up you need.

Paying more for a decent processor, RAM, graphics card and storage could save you a lot of hassle in the long-term and give you an excellent computing experience whilst at play or work!

Medion PCs come with a 2 year warranty when bought directly from the website – allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that help is at hand should you need it.

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