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Which graphics card (GPU)?

The GPU has become one of the most powerful components in your system. It’s the graphics card that generates the images on the screen and determines how well your device performers in terms of playing games, watching movies and using design apps such as Photoshop, after effects, Illustrator ect. It’s not always clear wherever a dedicated graphics is enough for what you want to do or a discrete graphics card is what you need. We’ll give you a basic understanding of the world of graphics cards.

Most devices feature an integrated Intel HD graphics card which is fine for most applications used on a daily basis as well as watching videos. A discrete graphics such as one of the AMD series or the NVIDIA GeForce gives you that extra level of performance that games need. In general the higher your GPU the better your overall experience.

Let’s have a look at the different graphics cards:

1. Intel® HD graphics/ Intel HD Iris graphics

This GPU is an integrated graphics card and many games are now playable with these newer graphics. Integrated graphics share the main computer memory and general an Intel HD is an everyday graphics cards compare to the Intel HD Iris graphics and Intel HD Iris Pro. These are classed as the high performance version of HD graphics. The Intel HD Iris graphics is more vibrant and boosts the 3D performance, delivering a faster and smoother playback of your movies and games. This graphics makes advanced HD video and photo editing professional and easier.

2. NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards

The graphics card for gamers or digital photography professionals that won't disappoint.

These graphics connects to the motherboard as a separate graphics board which means this graphics card has its own powerful graphics processing unit with its own dedicated memory freeing up the CPU for other processing tasks. In general dedicated GPUs offer a better video acceleration and this helps boost performance over all.

The NVIDIA has 3 different series of graphics:


  • PureVideo HD technology
  • Accurate color
  • Stunning picture clarity
  • Smooth movie performancce


  • Amazing HD Videos & photo performance
  • Stunning 3D movies
  • Entry level gaming


  • Ultimate gamers must have
  • Fastest performance overall
  • Latest gaming technology

If you would like to find more specific details about NVIDIA graphics cards then visit the website via the link provided:

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