Gaming laptop - A Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a Gaming laptop? Play your game wherever you are!

A gaming laptop gives you the freedom to be mobile and play your game at any location - at any time.
With a wide choice of gaming laptops it can be difficult to find the one that fully meets your needs. Whether you just want the low

end budget or the ultra-high performance gaming laptop, there are a few key features required to experience that optimal gaming experience. Our guide is designed to help you find the right gaming laptop for you.

What is a computer processor (CPU)?

The processor is an important part of your laptop as it determines how your laptop performs. To have the best performance the speed of the CPU is important. There is nothing worse than your computer freezing during a game. It’s recommended to have at least 2.4GHz to experience a good performance. Intensive gaming requires a core i7 and for the lower budget an Intel Quad core i5 processor is adequate as it can still running most games with ease and won’t burn whole in your pocket.

What is a Graphics Card (GPU)?

Integrated graphics are fine for casual games, but to really bring out the gamer in you, you'll want a more discrete graphics card. Graphics cards are one of the most important features in a gaming laptop and need to be powerful to play resource demanding games. We recommend the NVIDIA Geforce range for intensive gaming. The more up to date the graphics is the better your gaming experience will be. The newer NVIDIA series has better features like, battery boost, 3d surround on some models, and streaming if you use an Nvidia Shield.

What size Hard Drive (HDD) for gaming?

Games require a lot of space on a hard drive so be aware of that. Have a big hard drive if you don't intend to purchase additional external hard drives. Many of Medion  gaming laptops have a minimum of 1TB  which is recommended given the amount of hard drive space some resource intensive games can take up.

How much Memory (RAM) do you need for gaming?

Your gaming laptop should have at least 8GB RAM but if your budged allows it you should get as much as you can afford. Many of the high-end gaming laptops utilise as much as 16GB RAM.

What is Solid-State Drives (SSDs)?

SSDs are definitely a hot commodity and an essential to have. The SSD speeds up boot time, wake-from-sleep time, and the time it takes to launch a game and load a new level. Store the OS and application on an SSD drive and Windows will boot amazingly fast and applications will load in mere seconds!

What is the best resolution for gaming?

Choose a laptop with a higher pixel count 1600 x 900 or 1920 x 1080 always go for the highest res you can get as this will determine how much content you can fit on the screen and how sharp it will look.

DVD/Blu-ray Drives

These are a nice thing to have but unless you want to burn DVDs or watch Blue ray movies it is not essential to have these as many gamers choose to download from online services like Steam.

What computer screen size do you need for gaming?

In general a bigger size is more comfortable for gaming so a 17.3" screen is just right for a gaming laptop.

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