DAB and Internet Radio -
A Buyers Guide

If you are thinking about buying a new radio you can find yourself lost in a minefield of new and advanced technology. Both the DAB and internet radio have their pros and cons and it depends on how you wish to access stations which content you want to play and where you want to listen to it. Follow our guide and find the right product for you.


What are the differences between DAB and Internet Radio?

DAB Radio

DAB Radio

- Receives digital broadcast signals
- Can be used anywhere with digital signal
- Receive local and national stations
- Better sound quality than analogue radio
Internet Radio

Internet Radio

- Broadband connection required to receive internet radio stations
- Can only be used in conjunction with an Internet connection
- Local, national and thousands of stations world wide
- Quality of sound can be much clearer than DAB radio
DAB Radio

DAB Radio


Buying a digital radio will transform your listening experience and choice. With access to more digital broadcast stations and much better sound quality you can enjoy your DAB Radio 24 hours a day. You'll find all your favourite stations, plenty of music sport, local and a big bonus for football fans, the Premier League football matches, live for free!

Internet Radio

Internet Radio


Internet radios are connected to your broadcast stations via your home broadband giving you access to a huge number radio channels from all over the world. There are about 6000 internet Radio Stations. So there's plenty to choose from! Some internet radios allow you to stream music with e.g. Spotify Connect and from your computer.


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