Cheap Laptop Buyers Guide for Tight Budgets

Budget tight but need a new laptop? Here at Medion UK we appreciate that finding the right laptop isn’t always easy – especially if cash is sparse. But that doesn’t always mean settling for the cheapest model available.

In this guide we take you through what to look for when buying an affordable laptop.

Which processor (CPU) ?

At the lower-end of the processor market we have the Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Core i3 (low-to-mid range) and occasionally – for smaller laptops – such as ultra-portables and netbooks – Intel Atom.

The Cheapest laptops tend to come bundled with an Intel Celeron processor – which is fine if you want a laptop to simply browse the web, word processing or sending and receiving emails.

If, however, if you need a laptop that delivers a faster computing experience, allow you to play games and can multi-task more effectively - an Intel Pentium would be fine but for an optimum computing experience at a reasonable price then go for the Intel Core i3 with its hyper-threading technology – making it a far more efficient processor.

Which Graphics Card ?

The majority of cheap, everyday laptops come with an integrated graphics card – usually Intel HD, Intel Iris or an AMD equivalent if you’ve gone down that route.

However, you may be surprised to learn that even a cheap laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor can occasionally come bundled with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card – although this can be quite rare.

For most people, however, an integrated graphics card is absolutely fine – as long as you don’t need your laptop to play the latest high-powered games the chances are you don’t need a dedicated card.

What Hard Drive (HDD)?

Most affordable laptops come with 500GB – 1TB hard drive as standard, however, manufacturers are increasingly adding solid state drives (SSDs) to their laptops as this makes the device lighter and faster when booting up and running applications, however, what you gain in speed and lightness – you tend to lose in terms of storage capacity.

Most SSDs can come in all shapes and sizes – usually ranging between 32GB – 256GB – so if you go for this option you could be sacrificing some much needed space, unless the device also comes with a standard hard drive.

What Memory (RAM) ?

As standard most laptops come with (or should come with) a minimum of 4GB RAM – 8GB RAM. The only instance where it might be less would be if you bought a lightweight netbook or ultra-portable device.

The more RAM you have – the quicker your laptop will process and run applications and games – it’s really that straight-forward.

To Summarise...

The bottom line is – “you get what you pay for”. If you’re looking for a good quality, affordable laptop then you should consider all the options – decent processing power, plenty of RAM and a decent hard drive or solid state drive to run games and applications.

If you need a device that can do everything – from running applications to playing games then it’s worth investing a bit more cash in a laptop that has plenty of RAM and a decent processor. Medion laptops all come with a standard 2 year warranty – allowing you to rest easy knowing that help is on hand should you need it.

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