Business smartphone buying guide

Are you looking for a smartphone for your business?

Smartphones have quickly become an essential business accessory, letting professionals connect, collaborate and contribute to projects virtually anytime and anywhere. From app compatibility issues to e-mail integration, the challenge when purchasing a business smartphone is balancing preferences and requirements. Your handset is your portable workspace that will allow you to bring your office along on your travels.

The market is flooded with a variety of low and high- end devices and budget conscious buyers are spoilt for choice. Names such Samsung, Apple, Sony, HTC and Motorola are household names but don’t dismiss the not so well known brands. When it comes to investing into a business smartphone it comes down to what you need as in budget, features, operating system and screen size. Our guide is designed to make that decision easier for you.

What smartphone operating systems are there?

There are 2 major OS systems to choose from - Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android – which share many similarities but have also a number of significant differences. Microsoft Windows, Blackberry RIM and Nokia Symbian have a share in the market too. Apple iOS only works with iPhones and iPads which will restrict their usability in some way.


To sum up all, Googles Android is the world’s most widely utilized and is available on a wide range of handsets. It supports millions of utilities and applications and cutting edge technical features used by businesses while Apples iOS is a very popular OS and stands for simplicity and too many Apple is a household name which provides ease of use and functionality for its users.

BlackBerry is effective running a wide range of dedicated business applications effortlessly and streamlines the process of communication through email and social media. And last the windows phone, visually attractive, a device that is designed for optimum accessibility and performance saving you time by enjoying a more customized user experience.



Processor: Usually the emphasis is on a smartphone processor but business phones with lower end specifications can also outperform those with better hardware when optimized. If you travel abroad a quad –core processor would be recommended for best performance.


Battery:Using a smartphone for business the battery life will be important. With phones that do not have a replaceable battery, one solution is to carry alternate charging methods or external backup batteries.


Storage:iPhone and selected Android phones only have built in storage with no option of expanding your memory. However there are many smartphones on the market that have that option using external memory cards.


Dual SIM: A mobile device with Dual Sim option gives you the option to use the phone for business as well as for private use switching easily in-between the two SIMs.  These phones come with two transceivers and are capable of receiving calls on both SIM cards which is a popular choice of device in locations where lower prices apply to calls between clients of the same provider.


The benefit about a Dual Sim phone is that is allows to have one device but the ability to have separate numbers for personal and business calls on the same handset. It gives you the option to keep separate contact lists on each Sim and will make roaming easier by being able to access a foreign network while keeping the existing local SIM.



What is a Business Smartphone?

A business smartphone is a device which allows professionals to be productive on the go, in addition to allowing them to be entertained. Choosing the right phone is not only down to personal preference but also needs to fit the requirements of the business and IT policy.


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