Multitasking Laptop Buyers Guide

Whether you own a small business or work for a large corporation the way you work has likely changed over the years with rapid changes and improvements in technology.

Most of us want the accessibility of a full-blown Home Office PC but with the convenience of a portable device - at an affordable price.

Finding the right business laptop can be tricky – especially with so much noise around different types of processors, RAM and hard drive capacity. We’ve tried to simplify things a bit with this useful little guide to help you choose the right laptop for your business needs.

Build Quality

When buying a laptop for your business it’s important to consider build-quality – especially if you plan on doing a lot of commuting. Equally – if your laptop is simply a device you can work on from home and rarely on the go then this is an important consideration.

Size – in the case of business laptops size does matter. When commuting then you might want to consider a smaller, lighter machine that ranges between 11” – 15.6” as it makes the device far easier to carry. If, on the other hand, you simply want a device that can sit at home then a larger device could be ideal – these usually range up to 17.3” in size but are quite cumbersome to lug around.

Processing Power

It really depends what you want to use your multitasking laptop for – if you need a device that requires a lot of multi-tasking or heavy-duty design work then you should look at a laptop with quad-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processor.

However, if you simply require a laptop that can handle office documents, check email and for general everyday business use then a device with dual core Intel Core i3 could be what you’re looking for.

RAM – Memory

Ideally a 4GB RAM should be a minimum on any laptop – it’s not really worth going for anything less – it’s important to bear-in-mind that you will be reliant on this laptop to help you perform day-to-day business tasks.

However, the likes of graphic designers, programmers and heavy duty spreadsheet users are likely to want a little more oomph – which is why we recommend at least 8GB RAM or higher for faster work times.


Hard drives or solid state drives (SSD) are essential elements for your multitasking laptop. Whilst cloud storage is becoming more and more popular there is no real substitute for the ability to save and download files directly to your work laptop.

Most laptops come with a minimum of 500GB – 750GB hard drive storage, however, if you’re using several applications and saving a lot of documents to your machine then 1TB hard drive storage is what many opt for.

Solid state drives are of course the other option – many devices utilise SSDs to store and run Windows 10 as they boot and run applications far faster than a standard hard drive. However, storage on these tend to be quite meagre on laptops – anything between 32GB – 256GB drives.


The majority of multi-tasking laptops come with integrated graphics – usually Intel HD, Intel Iris or an AMD Radeon equivalent. These graphics cards are fine for most business laptops that don’t require the ability to run imaging, graphics or gaming software, however, a dedicated graphics card would be more suitable for a graphics design, architectural design or high definition video editing.


A large battery is ideal if you plan on long commute times or lengthy flights. Multi-tasking laptops tend to have 2 – 3 different types of batteries (4-, 6- and a 9- cell). The more cells you buy – the longer the battery life. It really is that simple.

To Summarise…

In the end it really is down to personal choice – your choice, however, by considering the nature of your work should help point you toward the ideal laptop for your business. Paying a bit more for a decent processor, RAM and storage could save you a lot of problems in the long-run. Medion laptops come with 2 year warranties when bought directly from the website – allowing you to rest easy knowing that help is on hand should you need it.

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