17 Inch Laptops

17 inch laptops are a great desktop replacement for those that have limited living space available. At 17.3" you will find powerful gaming laptops with Full HD screens or good All-rounders with an array of great features. If you are looking for a more portable version have a look at the 15.6" range of laptops.

Looking for a 17 Inch laptop?

We have a wide variety of 17" laptops, from budged, multimedia to high-end gaming notebook. Laptops are great systems if you're on the move; to work in the back of the car, or watch a movie under a tree in the back garden. A 17 inch laptop come HD and Full HD displays and can be used as a desktop replacement as well as portable workstation. Gamers will appreciate the bigger size screen as it is much more atmospheric and immersive.


What processor do I need?

The processor is the brain of your machine and  determine it's ability to run applications. Medion has laptops with Celeron (good value), Pentium (performance and Value ) Intel Core i3  (Everyday tasking) and the Intel core i5 and i7 processor for your multimedia and gaming needs. You will find notebooks with 4GB RAM to 32 GB RAM, which can have 500GB HDD to 1.5TB HDD and added SSD. It really depends on what you need your computer for.

Integrated or dedicated Graphics card ?

Integrated graphics tends to be cheaper, fine for everyday usage and will use less power, however, for the more demanding user a dedicated card may be better.   If you're looking to play the latest PC games, video editing software or other demanding software then a dedicated GPU is a must. A dedicated graphics card can free up other system resources - such as the CPU for other computing tasks. 

You want to find out more the have a look at our Graphics card buyers guide   


Warranty and Service

MEDION provides a 2 Year warranty on most products for peace of mind and Free unlimited service for all your questions. Please check regarding the warranty when buying the product.


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2 Years Warranty on most Products! 

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