Dear customer

MEDION offered an Express O/S Upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium
to Windows 7 Home Premium for all computers (i.e. desktop or notebook)
purchased between 26th June 2009 to 31st January 2010,
for a €19.95 handling fee.

The offer timeframe has now ended and therefore upgrade
vouchers are no longer valid.

If you completed your order on or before the 31st January it will be
handled and delivered under the standard terms and conditions.
For questions regarding your upgrade order, please contact
Buhl Replication Service GmbH via the contact address which
was detailed in your original order confirmation email.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via the
contact address which is detailed in your product user manual / warranty documents.

Makes everyday tasks easier.

Windows® 7 makes it easy to perform my everyday tasks and
helps me do more in less time - with fewer clicks,
faster searches and easier ways of getting connected.

  • Easy to use:
  • The simple, user-friendly navigation allows me to
    do things quickly.

  • Easy to get connected:
  • I can share printers and documents with several PCs via
    my home network and it's easy to stay connected,
    even if I'm not at home.

  • Stay in touch and share with your friends:
  • I manage my emails, chat via IM, edit and
    exchange digital images using
    Windows Live™ Mail, Windows Live Messenger and the
    Windows Live photo gallery.

It works the way I want.

Windows® 7 makes my PC more powerful, faster,
safer and more reliable. With Windows® 7, my PC works
the way I want.

  • Faster, better, more reliable:
  • With Windows® 7 I can put my PC to sleep,
    and wake it up just as fast.

  • Secure:
  • The new security functions mean my PC and my private sphere
    are even more secure.

  • More compatible:
  • Many of my Windows® XP programs
    also run on Windows® 7.

Gives me more opportunities.

Windows® 7 gives me more opportunities to have fun
with my PC and makes work easier.
From TV and games, right up to wifi networks and
touch screens, Windows® 7 sets news standards in what I can
with my PC.

  • Entertainment my way:
  • I can use my PC as a television, and use photos, music
    and videos in a whole variety of ways - at home or
    on the road.

  • Working on the go:
  • Windows ® 7 allows me to see wireless networks straight away
    and get connected with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • New ways to interface:
  • With Windows® 7 I can use the touch screen to operate my PC
    more easily and intuitively.

Windows® 7 system requirements.

  • 1-GHz processor (or faster) with 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
  • 1 GB RAM (32 bit) / 2 GB RAM (64 bit)
  • 16 GB (32 bit) / 20 GB (64 bit) available hard drive memory
  • DirectX® 9x graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 driver or higher
Product functions and graphics may vary depending on the system configuration.
Some functions may require additional hardware;

Some elements from previous Windows versions are not included in Windows 7.
Download Windows Live™ Essentials for free under
to receive similar programs including Windows Live™ Mail, Photo gallery, Messenger
and Movie Maker.

Other requirements for using certain functions:
  • Internet access (may incur charges).
  • Depending on the resolution, you may need additional RAM and graphics hardware
    for playing videos.
  • Some Windows® Media Center functions may require
    a TV receiver and additional hardware.
  • The touch functions require special hardware.
  • Sharing printers and documents will require you to set up a
    network and PCs with Windows® 7.
  • Music and sound require and audio output.

Switching to Windows®7 Made Easy

The easiest way to switch to Windows®7 is the automatic update. All you need to
do is insert your Windows®7 CD and follow the instructions. During this process,
your existing installation is analyzed and transferred to Windows®7 using
intelligent routines. We recommend that you save your personal data prior
to the update in the manner described in the next section.

You can also run a Windows®7 installation from scratch.

Here, too, you can transfer your data and settings from your existing
installation to the new one. But please keep in mind that any programs
you may have installed previously will have to be re-installed. You may
also require your driver CD for your various installed components.

Saving and Transferring Your Data.

Windows® Vista comes with a tool “Windows Easy Transfer” that
allows you to transfer your data and settings to Windows®7.

The installation of Windows®7 is really simple. --> Continue here.

How to do it:

1. First, save your data using any data-backup utility (e.g., the preinstalled program
You can call up this tool under “All Programs” > “Accessories” >
“System Tools” > “Backup”. Read the instructions and make sure that the
backup works. Note: This step is independent of the transfer of your data
and settings and only serves the purpose of additional security.

2. Check to make sure that the drivers and tools are still available on the D:
drive. If not, please use the driver CD that came with your system. You may
need the drivers for the reinstallation. In general the drivers should also
work with Windows®7.

3. Save your data and settings to external media (e.g., disk) using the program
“Windows Easy Transfer”. You can call up this tool under “All Programs” >
“Accessories” > “System Tools” > “Windows Easy Transfer”.

4. Now insert the Windows®7 CD and follow the instructions.

5. Once the installation is complete, load your data and settings onto your
computer using the program “Windows Easy Transfer”. You can call up
this tool under “All Programs” > “Accessories” > “System Tools” >
“Windows Easy Transfer”. If necessary, install any additional
programs and drivers as required.

Our service will be happy to assist you if you should
require any further support.