MEDION AG: Ad hoc announcement in accordance with § 15 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG)

Essen, July 3, 2007


The Management Board of MEDION AG, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, has resolved to buy back a maximum of 2,420,920 no-par-value shares, i.e., 5% of the Company’s share capital via the stock exchange, beginning July 4, 2007. The Management Board is thus making partial use of the relevant authorization by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 11, 2007, which had authorized the Management Board to buy back up to 10% of the Company’s current share capital. The purchase price for acquisition of the shares via the stock exchange (excluding transaction costs) may not exceed or fall below the average price of Company shares as quoted in midday trading (currently 1:10 p.m.) on the Xetra electronic trading system of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (or a corresponding successor system) for the 5 trading days immediately preceding acquisition of the shares by

more than 5%. The share buy-back is intended to







decrease MEDION AG’s share capital and to secure funds to meet any liabilities arising from company stock option plans that have been or will be granted to members of the Management Board, other executives, and employees based on the authorization to issue stock options. MEDION AG reserves the right to use the repurchased shares for other purposes as well in accordance with the relevant authorization given by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. The share buy-back will be carried out by Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main. It is planned for the bank to decide on the dates for purchasing the shares via the stock exchange without any influence from MEDION AG. MEDION AG will provide regular updates on the progress of the share buy-back program. For further details, please visit our website and select “share buy-back program”.

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